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The unique facts Chelsea defender, Marcos Alonso you should know

The unique facts Chelsea defender, Marcos Alonso you should know – Often underestimated and underestimated, now Marcos Alonso is slowly starting to show his greatness in playing the round head. Currently Players who are joining the Chelsea club is a success to make the Blues fans stared with greatness.

Occupying a left-back position, Marcos Alonso is able to withstand the opponent’s attack and also more importantly is the Spaniard helping to donate some beautiful goals, in which the goals he scored can determine his side’s victory.

Behind the increasingly popular name there are some interesting things that not many people know about it, here’s ane beberkan some unique facts from this handsome player:

1. Inherit the DNA of a football player

It is known that Marcos Alonso belongs to a family in which he works as a football player. Father of Alonso is a Barcelona star, while his grandfather Maros Alonso Imaz is a key player and a mainstay in the club Real Madrid, he also managed to bring the European Cup five times in a row with his team.

So no wonder that if the left back Chelsea has a qualified skill because the body’s stamina is partly inherited DNA from grandfather and also the father.

2. Underrated and considered one eye

Because the game is considered normal and not worth the funds to be poured by the blues, many people underestimate the ability of Marcos Alonso he is also considered one eye by most people. But since Chelea’s formation changed to 3-4-3 with the direction of the new manager Antonio Conte, making Alonso suddenly become a mainstay player because of his natural game and also stamina tough.

3. Born with a handsome face

A person’s look can be polished when someone has a lot of money. But it does not apply to this one player, in a personal instagram account the player uploaded a childhood photo wearing a soccer uniform, in the photo Marcos Alonso looks very cute and also handsome.

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