The Thin-Squared squad qualify for the 2018 World Cup Russia

The Thin-Squared squad qualify for the 2018 World Cup Russia – World Cup 2018 qualifiers in all continents have now entered the final game in each group. Some countries are also there who almost escaped and also has certainly failed to Russia world cup 2018 next year.

As in Asia has completed its qualifications in this week and has sent 4 representatives to the 2018 world cup ie japan, iran, south korea and arab Arabia. Last season’s finalists in Australia who are now qualifying for the AFC zone are in danger of failing to appear in the World Cup. In the final grup a position Australia is ranked third qualifying group B asia which makes it must compete with the rank of three groups AAA is Syria. The winners of the match will play off with 4 concacaf zone boards for a ticket to the 2018 World Cup.

In the europe zone there is a team of dutch wind turbines that seem to have no chance to appear in the world cup next year. They are now still in position 3 group kalsemen. If the Dutch want to look forward to the world cup, then the Netherlands must be in position 2 of the group standings to enter the plya zone off with other european teams to fight for the remaining 5 tickets remaining. But it seems also will be difficult for the Dutch to achieve it. Then there is the tango team argentina who also stumbled seok in qualifying zone conmebol.

Argentina are in position 5 standings. But argentina can breathe a sigh of relief, although in the final standings they remain in fifth position, then argentina will undergo a play-off by competing against the oceania zone champion is a new zealand on paper will be easily passed by argentina.

In Africa there is a trophy trophy champion Cameroon who also threatened to fail to appear in this world cup. One group with Nigeria they can not perform nicely and are now in position 3 of the group standings. In this African zone, each group winner will qualify for the World Cup from 5 groups. In the group occupied by Cameroon the temporary group winner is Nigeria, it will be very difficult for Cameroon to beat Nigeria in this 2018 World Cup qualifier this time.