Look Hot and sexy, The Most Beautiful Beloved Player of the Vietnam National Team

Look Hot and sexy, The Most Beautiful Beloved Player of the Vietnam National Team – Vietnam national football team affiliate trophy in 2016 did show football game that interesting and entertaining, but they must be foundered in the semifinals after losing to the Indonesian national team and bury their hopes to win troph aff 2016.

But something that can entertain them after being defeated by the Indonesian national team is the lover of the national team players Vietnam or can be called the Vietnamese wags. Here are some names of Vietnamese national team players with beautiful wags:

1. Thuy Tien wags Sexy captain of Vietnam national team Le Cong Vinh. Who does not know the sharpness of this Vietnam senior striker. He is the top scorer of all time Vietnam national team.

Thuy Tien thailand

He was married last 2014 with his wife named thuy tien. Thuy tien is an artist in Vietnam. Both are very suitable because one is a top player of Vietnam and his wife is a top Vietnamese artist.

2. Thanh Huyen Wife Pham Thanh Luong. Pham thanh luong is a very strong Vietnamese midfielder in his position. He started his career in Vietnam’s senior national team since 2010. He has a beautiful wife named thanh huyen. Than huyen has a profession as a model in Vietnam. Her face is always a cover in fashion magazines in Vietnam.

Thanh Huyen

3. Thu Trang Lover Mac Hong Quan. Mac Hong Quan is not as experienced as lee cong vinh in the national team, he is always a warmer of the bench Vietnamese national team in aff trop trophy 2016 ago. But he has a beautiful lover named thu trang. A student at one of the top universities in Hanoi. Both often display their intimate photos on their instagram account.

Thu Trang

4. Bao Tran Boyfriend Voiced Girl Voiced Toan. He plays as a senior national midfielder Vietnam, every time he played Vietnam midfield always superior in the ball control. But behind the straight game many people are jealous of Vo Huy Toan.

Bao Tran

Many people are jealous because the player has a very beautiful lover named bao tran. He is not an artist but his beauty is equivalent to an artist in Vietnam.