Hot News, Rooney and Coolen House Roosest Gossip Already at the end of the Horn

Hot News, Rooney and Coolen House Roosest Gossip Already at the end of the Horn – Everton household silhouette of Wayne Rooney is at the end of the horn. Indeed the family of soccer mega stars are often shaken tempests, but it seems this last incident this time makes things worse. Rooney is known to drive a car intoxicated with a woman named Laura Simpson. Because it makes the athlete have to deal with the police.

The incident began when Wayne Rooney was spending a long night with a sexy woman in a bar called Bubble room, after a conversation they both went on a car in a drunken state. Although it was decided that if the England player is declared free on condition that there is a guarantee, Rooney must still meet the subpoena on the 31st of September to explain the chronology of the incident and explain the reason why he was driving drunk. From the party Laura Simpson said that in the time before the arrest he planned to have sex with the star player.

Due to the accident the Rooney and Coleen households were rumored to be at the end of the horn, at the time of the incident occurred Coleen who was carrying his fourth child was on holiday with his three children to Mallorca, Spain. Hearing the news to make the wife of the top scorer for England is mixed, between shocked, angry and also feel ashamed of his husband’s behavior.

From a photo of Coleen paparazzi it looks like they do not wear their wedding rings, although Coolen has not given an official statement regarding the problem that hit her husband. But Colen said that he felt very angry and upset after he found out the amount of money a fine must be incurred due to a scandal that her husband did. Coleen is a kind woman who always memafkan every mistake made by her husband, noted former player of the mainstay of the red devil has been caught several times in the middle of making out with some women affair.

Many are predicting that the footballer’s household will run aground because of the incident.