The Sexiest Female Referee in the World 2017 To The Present

The Sexiest Female Referee in the World 2017 To The Present – The referee is indeed appointed as the most crucial courtier in a match. Especially in a football game, a referee is the main spotlight in the midst of the tough matches played by two competing teams. In general a referee in a world soccer league is a man.

But what if the referee is a woman who leads men’s soccer match. Of course not only will be the main spotlight, will instead make the players become a focus. In the world soccer league there was a country where the main referee was a woman. The list is as follows:

1. Claudia romani (italy)

This beautiful referee is currently 34 years old. Although his age is above the head 3 but the referee is so beautiful and beautiful. Because he used to be a model before undergoing his profession as a professional referee. Claudia Romani is very famous in Italy, she is a big fan of AC Milan club. He also dated the former AC Milan striker Filippo inzaghi. It also has a lot of instagram followers, over 100k. her picture at top this page.

2. Elena tambini (italia)

Elena also increasingly famous name in football referee in Italy. He is 26 years old now. Having a body level and sexy body turned out now he chose to become a professional referee in Italy. Elena was once also a model photographer in Italy. Many of her sexy photographs are emblazoned in some fashion magazines in Italy. Now he is promoted as a referee of Italian league serie A.

Elena tambini (italia)

Previously he only led the game in the bottom division. With the elena leading the game FIGC expects that the audience’s interest to the stadium so much more. And this is considered a new breakthrough in the world of football in Italy.

3. Fernanda Colombo Uliana (Brazil)

This blonde-haired referee is an assistant referee (line judge). Although he was a line judge but because he often appeared in male football he is now so famous and hunted by the media. Currently he is 27 years old. Because of his beauty despite being an assistant referee he finally get a photo shoot from a photographer brasil.

Fernanda Colombo Uliana (Brazil)