Negative Sides of The Mega Star Cristiano Ronaldo

See Some Negative Sides of The Mega Star Cristiano Ronaldo

See Some Negative Sides of The Mega Star Cristiano Ronaldo – No cracked ivory is a worthy proverb to illustrate the negative side of Cristiano Ronaldo. If that time we have discussed about the good side of the mega CR7 star who is very eager to help people, such as financing the oprasi sick child, like donating blood and still a lot of good done by this Real Madrid player.

Here are some other negative properties of the mega star cr7

1. Feel the most important for his club now is Real madrid.

Known when Ronaldo conducted an interview with a newspaper in May 2012 ago, Ronaldo hubily said that he gave a rating of 9 to Real Madrid, and gave a perfect score of 10 for himself.

Negative Sides of The Mega Star Cristiano Ronaldo

2. a role model

Responding to the defeat experienced by madrid on 27 February last year over derby madrid loading Los Blancos belatedly chased 12 points from the rival Barcelona, ​​the player numbered back 7 is bersolif if only all players madrid like himself would be the club will occupy the top of the league La Liga .

3. Best ditim

In the Spanish league last season, when the team made by former professional players zinedin zidane was experiencing the atletico madrid kekalaan 0-1 So make Real madrid must be willing to fall down and left behind 69 points with Barcelona. Responding to that The mega star said that his teammates can not play well as good as him. ROnaldo said if only all his friends have the same skills as him maybe his club will always be a winner.

4. Challenge barcelona to oust madrid 8-0

On 30 November 2010 ago, Messi and his friends Barcelona club managed to bring home an 8-0 victory over Almeria. But unfortunately, the victory got a negative reaction and was underestimated by Ronaldo, and with arrogance he gave the challenge to Lionel Messi and Barcelona to be able to score 8 goals in the fight against Madrid.

5. likes to quip

Not a secret anymore kalu CR7 is the only player who became the main player of the Spanish super 1 cup this year. But because the celebrity of the star who did after he scored the goal finally bear fruit red card and ban grazing for 5 times the game, many say that the celebration is done to insinuate barcelona leonel messi players.

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