Reason Why Fred’s Decree Choosing MU

Reason Why Fred’s Decree Choosing MU – Brazilian midfielder, Fred this summer has joined Manchester United. Besides that he also talked about why he chose the Red Devils.
He also revealed that before accepting Manchester United’s offer, he had before been offered by Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain.

The Brazilian national team player has chosen the Red Devils rather than the other two big teams. Because Fred chose Manchester United, this made Jose Mourinho’s first recruit before heading for the new season.

Manchester United have been swept away by a transfer with former Shakhtar Donestk player in July. Fred also had his first match with the Reds Devils while undergoing a match against Leicester City, in that match Manchester United won with a score of 2-1.

Reason Why Fred's Decree Choosing MU

The player has explained why he chose Machester United, when there was an offer that allowed him to continue playing in Europe. "Because the choices are in England and Europe," said Fred, who was published by ESPN.

"The Citizen, Paris Saint Germain, but I prefer the Red Devils. I have also spoken with many people like my agent, my friend, my family. I chose United because this team was able to make my abilities stand out more. "That’s what he said.

When he saw the offer submitted by Manchester United, he immediately agreed because he thought that the Red Devils were the team he dreamed of in the future. In addition, he also wants to get strong pressure when facing the weight of the English league, which is where all teams have the chance to become champions at the end of the season.

"When I see their eyes, I say firmly that I choose Manchester United for my future. Therefore I am sure this is the right choice. When I say that everyone is likely to think the same as me, this choice is a decision I have made and I will not regret it. "That’s what Fred said.

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