Proven That Nathalie Hayashi is the Sexiest Virgin Footballer Footballer today

Proven That Nathalie Hayashi is the Sexiest Virgin Footballer Footballer today – has a lover soccer player football national team hartman made the name nathalie hayashi increasingly famous in southeast asia. Moreover, he has a profession as a model of adult men’s magazines. Beautiful women have blood descendants of the philippines and this japan does have a fantastic body. So many adam takayal very amazed with the sexy body. Nathalie hayashi is currently 28 years old. With a height of 165 cm tall and weighing 53 kg. And the bra size is 34C.

With a fantastic body shape is nathalie hayashi suitable profession as a magazine model of adult men and he really liked his job as a photo model. Not infrequently also nathalie hayashi also occasionally accept job to do photo without clothes alias topless. This he did for his professionalism as a model. And also the boyfriend mark hartman is also very supportive of his profession.

Nathalie hayashi also explains some tips how he is in keeping the beautiful body sexiness is. He claimed to often exercise with sangkekasih in the gym. And he always routinely do sports every day. Natalie also controls the amount of calories and carbohydrates she will consume each day. He also admitted if the rice can not get out of it every day. Since rice is a typical high-carbohydrate south-east Asian diet, it reduces the portion of each meal and replaces it with fruits and vegetables.

Natalie has also done photography work in Jakarta some time ago. He became a model of advertising a male contraceptive ad that is a silk condom. He was very happy during the process of shooting in Indonesia. And nathalie also stated if he feel at home in Indonesia. Natalie also hopes that her lover mark hartman can play ball in indoneisa league so nathalie can continue to settle in Indonesia.

Indonesian society is very friendly according to him. He hopes to be a career in Indonesia. Although it will be very difficult indeed, but his name and a picture of himself who is known to many people certainly able to skyrocket his name in entertainment Indonesia.

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