Indonesian artist be a football fans hottest ever

Indonesian artist be a football fans hottest ever – Currently the game of football is not only consumed by men alone, currently many women who also like and love the game of football. Unmitigated the women also have a very beautiful face and also a famous artist in the capital. The female artists say they are soccer lovers and claim they are supporters of the club they love.

Here’s a list of Indonesian artists who like sports football:

1. DJ Una

Young, beautiful and has a good karer that can describe a beautiful woman who currently works as a Dj and also this presenter. Women who used to call with DJ Una greeting is admitted that he really liked the club Manchaster City. picture at top of this page.

2. Olla Ramlan

This beautiful and sexy presenter also said that he is a supporter of Manchaster United, amid a busy work schedule mother of two children is admitted still took the time to see the game from Wayne Rooney and team when competing.

Olla Ramlan

3. Raisa

Well a beautiful singer who just took off his bachelor is known to love the club Chelsea, the wife of Hamis is several times upload photos by using jersey shirt from The blues.


4. Pevita Pearce

At some time ago when the club Juventus travel to Indonesia, Pevita was asked as a tour ambassador for the old sinyonya club. The election of a beautiful artist is not without reason lho gang, the article Pevita is very fond of the Juventus club and also has a lot of knowledge about the club, because it is a player who often starred in this big screen didaulat become ambassador.

4. Pevita Pearce hotest indonesian fans

5. Dona Agnesia

Being a legendary soccer presenter Dona Agnesia about her love with football is no doubt, the wife Of Darius sinatria artist is a big fan of the Argentinian club even so his love with the club Don Agnesia named their two children by the name of the footballer that is, Diego and also Lionel.

Beautiful and sexy Wags from the senior Thailand national team player

Beautiful and sexy Wags from the senior Thailand national team player – The greatness of the Thai national team has been tested in the aff cup 2016 ago. Where Thailand is able to beat Indonesia 2-0 national team in the final match held in the rajamanggala national stage. The greatness of Thai players is also seen from their loved ones. Here are the pair of Thai national team players:

1. Pannita Khandee

He is the wife of Thailand national team player Pravinwat Boonyong a formidable defender Thailand national team. SHe is a sexy wife figure for pravinwat. Where pannita khandee often show photos sexy photos on his personal instagram and also facebook that often wear only bikini or swimwear

Pannita Khandee

SHe always supports the husband’s profession as a footballer and hopes his career will continue to rise. Pannita khandee often dugem with friends at a club in Thailand.

2. Lukchub Rujirada

SHe is the lover of Thailand’s third goal keeper Chanin Sae-ear. he works as a model in Thailand. Lukchub rujirada also often show off beautiful photos on facebook and instagram. Lukchub rujirada also always looks stylist with clothes that he wear on instagramnya photos.

Lukchub Rujirada Beautiful and sexy Wags

3. Phitchanat Sakhakon

SHe is the lover of the up-and-coming Thai league playmaker and is usually referred to as his Thai messy lionel chanatip songkrasin. Although small but chanatip is a lively player. His agility was not only in football, chanatip is also agile in looking for a partner. Now he has a lover named Phitchanat Sakhakon.

Phitchanat Sakhakon

SHe is a film actress in tahiland. Phitchanat Sakhakon in addition to being an actress he is also known sebgai photo model. Many of his sexy photos he showed on instagramnya. SHe is also a young entrepreneur in the culinary field and owns a restaurant called red sun in Bangkok.

4. Chatrakamol Muangman

SHe is the wife of left-back Thai national team Theerathon Bunmathan. They married in May 2016 last year and have had a baby of their relationship. Chatrakamol Muangman often supports the appearance of her husband when playing for the Thailand national team.

Chatrakamol Muangman Wags from the senior Thailand

Especially if the Thailand team play in Bangkok then he will always be present to see her husband play.

Dybala Became the Successor of Number 10 on Juventus

Dybala Became the Successor of Number 10 on Juventus – Argentine striker Paulo dybala’s Argentine juventus striker this season suggests that he deserves to be paid handsomely by clubs from the city of Juventus FC. In 2 matches Italian league serie A Paulo dybala has created 4 extraordinary fantastic goals for a second striker or an attacker of this wing.

This achievement exceeds the middle striker juventus gonzalo higuain who has not even scored at all for the old lady. It can not be denied if Paulo dybala this season gets hockey from his back number this season. He used the number 10 last used by Paul Pogba before moving to Manchester United.

Dybala is proud to wear this number 10 jersey. But he did not feel humble, dybala admitted if he has not been comparable with the legend number 10 juventus alessandro del piero. Because many who equate themselves today as del piero used to be in juventus who have the same position with dybala and also reliable in the service of dead ball.

But many juventus fans are hoping that this forward will last long in juventus and will be the next legend for juventus. Indeed number 10 is making Paulo dybala increasingly confident in looking at every game in front of him with juventus.

The latest one is Paulo dybala creating 3 goals which finally brought juventus to their second victory in the Serie A league and make Juve top the Italian league standings to the 2nd league. 3 goals dybala is special for saving Juventus from defeat, because before they left behind 2 – 0 From the host genoa. His first Hatrick this season is special.

Dybala also hopes that his performance will always be consistent with this new back number in order to deliver juventus to defend his Serie A title this season. And earned champions league title which last season failed to reach the old lady because losing from real Madrid in final league champions 2016/2017 season.

Look Hot and sexy, The Most Beautiful Beloved Player of the Vietnam National Team

Look Hot and sexy, The Most Beautiful Beloved Player of the Vietnam National Team – Vietnam national football team affiliate trophy in 2016 did show football game that interesting and entertaining, but they must be foundered in the semifinals after losing to the Indonesian national team and bury their hopes to win troph aff 2016.

But something that can entertain them after being defeated by the Indonesian national team is the lover of the national team players Vietnam or can be called the Vietnamese wags. Here are some names of Vietnamese national team players with beautiful wags:

1. Thuy Tien wags Sexy captain of Vietnam national team Le Cong Vinh. Who does not know the sharpness of this Vietnam senior striker. He is the top scorer of all time Vietnam national team.

Thuy Tien thailand

He was married last 2014 with his wife named thuy tien. Thuy tien is an artist in Vietnam. Both are very suitable because one is a top player of Vietnam and his wife is a top Vietnamese artist.

2. Thanh Huyen Wife Pham Thanh Luong. Pham thanh luong is a very strong Vietnamese midfielder in his position. He started his career in Vietnam’s senior national team since 2010. He has a beautiful wife named thanh huyen. Than huyen has a profession as a model in Vietnam. Her face is always a cover in fashion magazines in Vietnam.

Thanh Huyen

3. Thu Trang Lover Mac Hong Quan. Mac Hong Quan is not as experienced as lee cong vinh in the national team, he is always a warmer of the bench Vietnamese national team in aff trop trophy 2016 ago. But he has a beautiful lover named thu trang. A student at one of the top universities in Hanoi. Both often display their intimate photos on their instagram account.

Thu Trang

4. Bao Tran Boyfriend Voiced Girl Voiced Toan. He plays as a senior national midfielder Vietnam, every time he played Vietnam midfield always superior in the ball control. But behind the straight game many people are jealous of Vo Huy Toan.

Bao Tran

Many people are jealous because the player has a very beautiful lover named bao tran. He is not an artist but his beauty is equivalent to an artist in Vietnam.

Hidden Characters Lionel Messi that you may not know

Hidden Characters Lionel Messi that you may not know – If in the past we have discussed about the life of the mega star Cristiano Ronaldo then this time ane will discuss the life of the rival gang nih, yups bener really this time I will discuss about the player’s personal life mainstay from Barcelona. As we know Lionel messi has a calm and non-explosive nature like CR7.

The man who was born in the rosary city, argentina 30 years ago or rather 24 June 1987 has the full name of lionel andres messi. Lionel messi is since a young age already has expertise in the field of football. Started his football career with newell’s old boys junior in argentina. But this husband of Antonella Husband suffered from a deficiency of growth hormone he suffered in childhood that almost made his football career did not run smoothly.

Good skill in his young age made his name finally heard by the talent scout from Barcelona. They know the messian lionel talent is really amazing. He finally trafficked by the Barcelona club for hormone treatment in Spain. And after he recovered then lionel messi entered in Barcelona football academy named la masia.dari situlah career began to skyrocket.

Actually at the beginning of his professional football career with Barcelona the position of a lionel messi is as a winger or wing attacker. He is more often pierced from the side of the opponent’s defense. But since the era of coaching from pep guardiola, messi slightly placed in the middle and became a middle striker. In this position he became very free to move to break his opponent’s defense abrik. Until he listed his name as the world’s best players 5 times in 2009, 2010, 201, 2015 and 2015.

Lionel messi has earned all his achievements since joining Barcelona. He led Barcelona won the Spanish league, copa del rey and super trophy Spain several times. The last lionel messi able to deliver Barcelona champions league champions europe 4 times. At the club level he has won various prestigious events, but one he has not yet won the world cup with the national team argentina. Lionel messi almost ushered argentina world champion 2014 but in the final of argentina must lose to german at that time.

6 Best Young Indonesian Player of the Year at the Sea Games Event

6 Best Young Indonesian Player of the Year at the Sea Games Event – One of the biggest events in Southeast Asia has now been held, the event is an exciting spectacle, this time SEA Games 2017 held in Malaysia. SEA Games that only appear 2 years once is very eagerly awaited especially the ball lovers. In every SEA Games event there are always new young seeds that are popping up especially soccer, so regeneration in national team is always there every event is held. To be sure the chosen names have the best skills selected from several clubs in Indonesia.

Here I will tell you the names of players who became captain of the national team from 2001 to 2011:

Bambang Pamungkas captain in 2001

This year is the year where there is a U-23 format on the football branch. Well at this moment who is appointed to be a captain is Bambang pamungkas. As captain Bambang is a very good player and along with his team he is able to bring the national team to the final round.

Bambang Pamungkas indonesia

Zaenal Arif captain in 2003

In 2003 the Indonesian national team had a new captain, Zaenal Arif. But it seems that in 2003 not as good as the previous year, the article Tim Garuda must be willing to go home early without tasting the semi-final match.

Zaenal Arif captain in 2003

Maman Abdurahman in 2005

The success of bringing home the SEA Games trophy seems also still can not be obtained in 2005, because the garuda that dikapteni by Maman Abdurahman  this must be willing to stop in Semifinal.

Maman Abdurahman in 2005

Eka Ramdani in 2007

The thing that makes Eka elected is because in every game Eka Ramdani able to display a very good game and dominate. Although in 2007 national team has been filled by some players who have good skills and also nimble seems fortuna goddess is still not willing to side with TImnas. The reason is again Indonesia must go home empty-handed.

Eka Ramdani in 2007

Tony Sucipto in 2009

The year 2009 is also a bad year for Indonesia, where the garuda is only able to perched at the end of grub B

Egi Melgiansyah in 2011

In this year Indonesia play at home and host, although this year Egi et al able to penetrate the final but the host seems to be willing victory owned by Malaysia with a 5-4 thin score for Malaysia.

The unique facts Chelsea defender, Marcos Alonso you should know

The unique facts Chelsea defender, Marcos Alonso you should know – Often underestimated and underestimated, now Marcos Alonso is slowly starting to show his greatness in playing the round head. Currently Players who are joining the Chelsea club is a success to make the Blues fans stared with greatness.

Occupying a left-back position, Marcos Alonso is able to withstand the opponent’s attack and also more importantly is the Spaniard helping to donate some beautiful goals, in which the goals he scored can determine his side’s victory.

Behind the increasingly popular name there are some interesting things that not many people know about it, here’s ane beberkan some unique facts from this handsome player:

1. Inherit the DNA of a football player

It is known that Marcos Alonso belongs to a family in which he works as a football player. Father of Alonso is a Barcelona star, while his grandfather Maros Alonso Imaz is a key player and a mainstay in the club Real Madrid, he also managed to bring the European Cup five times in a row with his team.

So no wonder that if the left back Chelsea has a qualified skill because the body’s stamina is partly inherited DNA from grandfather and also the father.

2. Underrated and considered one eye

Because the game is considered normal and not worth the funds to be poured by the blues, many people underestimate the ability of Marcos Alonso he is also considered one eye by most people. But since Chelea’s formation changed to 3-4-3 with the direction of the new manager Antonio Conte, making Alonso suddenly become a mainstay player because of his natural game and also stamina tough.

3. Born with a handsome face

A person’s look can be polished when someone has a lot of money. But it does not apply to this one player, in a personal instagram account the player uploaded a childhood photo wearing a soccer uniform, in the photo Marcos Alonso looks very cute and also handsome.

See Some Negative Sides of The Mega Star Cristiano Ronaldo

See Some Negative Sides of The Mega Star Cristiano Ronaldo – No cracked ivory is a worthy proverb to illustrate the negative side of Cristiano Ronaldo. If that time we have discussed about the good side of the mega CR7 star who is very eager to help people, such as financing the oprasi sick child, like donating blood and still a lot of good done by this Real Madrid player.

Here are some other negative properties of the mega star cr7

1. Feel the most important for his club now is Real madrid.

Known when Ronaldo conducted an interview with a newspaper in May 2012 ago, Ronaldo hubily said that he gave a rating of 9 to Real Madrid, and gave a perfect score of 10 for himself.

Negative Sides of The Mega Star Cristiano Ronaldo

2. a role model

Responding to the defeat experienced by madrid on 27 February last year over derby madrid loading Los Blancos belatedly chased 12 points from the rival Barcelona, ​​the player numbered back 7 is bersolif if only all players madrid like himself would be the club will occupy the top of the league La Liga .

3. Best ditim

In the Spanish league last season, when the team made by former professional players zinedin zidane was experiencing the atletico madrid kekalaan 0-1 So make Real madrid must be willing to fall down and left behind 69 points with Barcelona. Responding to that The mega star said that his teammates can not play well as good as him. ROnaldo said if only all his friends have the same skills as him maybe his club will always be a winner.

4. Challenge barcelona to oust madrid 8-0

On 30 November 2010 ago, Messi and his friends Barcelona club managed to bring home an 8-0 victory over Almeria. But unfortunately, the victory got a negative reaction and was underestimated by Ronaldo, and with arrogance he gave the challenge to Lionel Messi and Barcelona to be able to score 8 goals in the fight against Madrid.

5. likes to quip

Not a secret anymore kalu CR7 is the only player who became the main player of the Spanish super 1 cup this year. But because the celebrity of the star who did after he scored the goal finally bear fruit red card and ban grazing for 5 times the game, many say that the celebration is done to insinuate barcelona leonel messi players.