Must Win For Indonesian Garuda Young Team

Must Win For Indonesian Garuda Young Team – Indonesian National Team The U-23 this time will prepare before they play the last match with Hong Kong, this match will end the Group A phase of the football branch in the 2018 Asian Games. According to the latest news the match will be title on August 20 2018 at the Candrabhaga Patriot Stadium.

It looks like the coach from the U-23 Indonesia National Team, Luis Milla will demonstrate the scheme like when facing the Chinese Taiping on August 12, 2018. And this is likely the Luis Milla team is more effective in attacking this game

Must Win For Indonesian Garuda Young Team

This time the Indonesian National Team U-23 did the exercises at ABC, Senayan, Jakarta on August 19, 2018. And in this exercise Luis Milla prioritized the Small Side Game, for all foster children.
Like the purpose of the exercise is a simulation for the game later, and also it looks like Luis Milaa has made the best player composition for the event against Hong Kong. This was done before the Indonesian U-23 national team against Chinese Taipei, and it proved to be able to bring the Chinese representative team to a score of 4-0.

The Milky Way has acknowledged the greatness of the Garuda Young Team in preparing things well before the game starts, and this time according to him the preparation of the U-23 Indonesian National Team in the match was quite good. But he hopes Luis Milla’s team can get full points in this match. Because, the Indonesian National Team U-23 must not depend on the 3rd best position.

"In the match this time it will be the same when fighting Chinese Taipai. Action is an important battle for us, because if we win we will win the group. Besides that, I always pray that the Indonesian U-23 national team can qualify for the next phase. "That’s what the Milky Way said.

The Indonesia U-23 national team is tightly tied to Hong Kong with a one-point difference, and Garuda Muda is ranked third while its opponents are second in Group A at the moment. Because of this the Indonesian U-23 national team must win this fight.

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