Must Win For Indonesian Garuda Young Team

Must Win For Indonesian Garuda Young Team – Indonesian National Team The U-23 this time will prepare before they play the last match with Hong Kong, this match will end the Group A phase of the football branch in the 2018 Asian Games. According to the latest news the match will be title on August 20 2018 at the Candrabhaga Patriot Stadium.

It looks like the coach from the U-23 Indonesia National Team, Luis Milla will demonstrate the scheme like when facing the Chinese Taiping on August 12, 2018. And this is likely the Luis Milla team is more effective in attacking this game

Must Win For Indonesian Garuda Young Team

This time the Indonesian National Team U-23 did the exercises at ABC, Senayan, Jakarta on August 19, 2018. And in this exercise Luis Milla prioritized the Small Side Game, for all foster children.
Like the purpose of the exercise is a simulation for the game later, and also it looks like Luis Milaa has made the best player composition for the event against Hong Kong. This was done before the Indonesian U-23 national team against Chinese Taipei, and it proved to be able to bring the Chinese representative team to a score of 4-0.

The Milky Way has acknowledged the greatness of the Garuda Young Team in preparing things well before the game starts, and this time according to him the preparation of the U-23 Indonesian National Team in the match was quite good. But he hopes Luis Milla’s team can get full points in this match. Because, the Indonesian National Team U-23 must not depend on the 3rd best position.

"In the match this time it will be the same when fighting Chinese Taipai. Action is an important battle for us, because if we win we will win the group. Besides that, I always pray that the Indonesian U-23 national team can qualify for the next phase. "That’s what the Milky Way said.

The Indonesia U-23 national team is tightly tied to Hong Kong with a one-point difference, and Garuda Muda is ranked third while its opponents are second in Group A at the moment. Because of this the Indonesian U-23 national team must win this fight.

this is the cause of the Thailand U-23 national team failure

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this is the cause of the Thailand U-23 national team failure They are in Group B. This is their worst record in the past 20 years. In the five times the Asian Games were held in 1998 to 2014, Thailand always managed to move from the group phase.

During the 1998 Asian Games, 2002 and 2014, Thailand had succeeded in occupying the 4th position. Whereas in 2006 and 2010, they made it to the quarter-finals. Due to the failure of the Thailand U-23 national team to go to the next phase, there are now many blasphemies and criticisms shown to the team, coaches, and also the Thai Football Association (FAT).

Despite failing to bring the Thailand U-23 national team to the next phase, Worrawoot Srimika will continue to be trusted as head coach. Because FAT says that one failure does not mean we have to fire him, because of the possibility that in the waiting period he will bring his foster children to a stage farther from now, if that happens whether you will insult him and tell him to come out.

cause of the Thailand U-23 national team failure

"FAT will not listen to all the chattering that insults us. Besides, we can’t always replace a coach, if he fails to meet the demands we provide. Because we believe in him, and we will provide an opportunity to correct his failure.

"That is what Somyot Poompunmuang said as FAT President. "There is no such thing as players or coaches who want their team to lose, because they must do their best for the team. However, if there are those who want the Thailand U-23 national team to lose, surely it has a motive that we cannot know. In addition, we will make a decision based on the logic that exists, and we also ask the supporters to think logically too. "That was what he said.

The Thailand U-23 national team in this tournament was only able to get 2 points in the group phase, at the 2018 Asian Games. And Thai representatives only played a draw against Qatar and Bangladesh, while when they engaged in Uzbekistan they had to lose.

Opportunity Being Top of AFF U18 Cup Score Open To Indonesian Players

Opportunity Being Top of AFF U18 Cup Score Open To Indonesian Players – Players mainstay u18 indonesian team egy maulana vikri has shown his ability in the event of trophies aff u18 2017 held in Myanmar 4-17 september 2017. He is increasingly known by all the people of Indonesia. During the grub stage of the grub B his performance was so impressive that egy maulana vikri could create 6 goals from the 4 matches he had played in the preliminary round.

The first 2 goals of egy were presented at the time of the U18 national team to defeat the hosts of Myanmar with a score of 2 – 1. Before egy created 2 goals against Myanmar, Indonesia first left 0 – 1 by the hosts in the first round. 2 more goals when Indonesia beat the Philippines u18 team with a goal party of 9 to 0. And 2 more goals while slaughtering brunei 8 – 0 yesterday. With a 6-goal incision indeed makes the name of egy entered in the list of top scorers while AFF trophy u18, lost by a goal by Myanmar striker who has created 7 goals.

But there are still 2 more matches that could add the purse pot of goals from egy maulana vikri. Because dibabak semifinal national team will face Thailand and if win will to the final. But if lost then the national team will fight third place with another semi-finalist who also lost. Egy maulana vikri also asked for prayer from all Indonesian people to pray for the national team to be champion through his personal instagram account. He knows if without prayer from all supporters egy et al. National team, will not be able to go so far.

Egy maulana Vikri deserved an award in Toulon french cup a few months ago. He is now the life of the 18 national team games Indonesia is struggling to become the champion trophy aff u 18. If his performance continues consistent, then 2 years old senior national team will have the next generation who continue what evan dimas Cs., Several years ago .

Egi Maulana Vikri, New Talented Young Player from Indonesia in 2017

Egi Maulana Vikri, New Talented Young Player from Indonesia in 2017 – The stunning performance of egy maulana vikri at the Toulon tournament in France a few months ago did attract some clubs in league 1 gojek traveloka. The player from the city of Medan has seen his star aura since he was 11 years old and finally to improve his football career egy maulana vikri finally joined ASIOP apacinti in Jakarta. He then went to education in a special sports school in ragunan Jakarta.

In ASIOP Apacinti egy maulana vikri is transformed into a talented soccer player and his skill and drible are similar to the Barcelona player’s style of play, therefore he is now nicknamed egi messi. Together ASIOP apacinti egy also won a gothia cup in Sweden to represent Indonesia U-15 in 2015.

Since then the coach of national team u 18 indra sjafri also provide opportunity for national team selection and finally finally pass the egy and become a national team player 18. Kegemilangannya with the national team finally glimpsed by BALI united who are very interested to use the service lionel messi Indonesia. Explained the father if in early 2017, egy maulana vikri ever given a contract offer with bali united represented peter tanuri to play with bali united with a salary of 100 million per year for the next 5 years. Which if the total value of the contract egi that time reached 500 million rupiah for 5 seasons. The price is quite expensive for players who are 16 years old and do not yet have professional flying hours with top league club Indonesia.

But the contract was rejected by the father of egi, subagja. He stated if it is not the time to play professionally because hey age does not meet the age of professional players. Because now subagja hope his son further develop his potential for skill if the ball increases. Now he has to fight alongside the 18th tank in the affluent youth championship in Myanmar. While this egy become topskor national team u18 Indonesia with 6 goals. now you know about Egi Maulana Vikri, New Talented Young Player from Indonesia in 2017. please share that

6 Best Young Indonesian Player of the Year at the Sea Games Event

6 Best Young Indonesian Player of the Year at the Sea Games Event – One of the biggest events in Southeast Asia has now been held, the event is an exciting spectacle, this time SEA Games 2017 held in Malaysia. SEA Games that only appear 2 years once is very eagerly awaited especially the ball lovers. In every SEA Games event there are always new young seeds that are popping up especially soccer, so regeneration in national team is always there every event is held. To be sure the chosen names have the best skills selected from several clubs in Indonesia.

Here I will tell you the names of players who became captain of the national team from 2001 to 2011:

Bambang Pamungkas captain in 2001

This year is the year where there is a U-23 format on the football branch. Well at this moment who is appointed to be a captain is Bambang pamungkas. As captain Bambang is a very good player and along with his team he is able to bring the national team to the final round.

Bambang Pamungkas indonesia

Zaenal Arif captain in 2003

In 2003 the Indonesian national team had a new captain, Zaenal Arif. But it seems that in 2003 not as good as the previous year, the article Tim Garuda must be willing to go home early without tasting the semi-final match.

Zaenal Arif captain in 2003

Maman Abdurahman in 2005

The success of bringing home the SEA Games trophy seems also still can not be obtained in 2005, because the garuda that dikapteni by Maman Abdurahman  this must be willing to stop in Semifinal.

Maman Abdurahman in 2005

Eka Ramdani in 2007

The thing that makes Eka elected is because in every game Eka Ramdani able to display a very good game and dominate. Although in 2007 national team has been filled by some players who have good skills and also nimble seems fortuna goddess is still not willing to side with TImnas. The reason is again Indonesia must go home empty-handed.

Eka Ramdani in 2007

Tony Sucipto in 2009

The year 2009 is also a bad year for Indonesia, where the garuda is only able to perched at the end of grub B

Egi Melgiansyah in 2011

In this year Indonesia play at home and host, although this year Egi et al able to penetrate the final but the host seems to be willing victory owned by Malaysia with a 5-4 thin score for Malaysia.