3 The Sexiest and Most Beautiful Couple of Beloved Football Coaches

3 The Sexiest and Most Beautiful Couple of Beloved Football Coaches – Hi surfers of the virtual world, if in the previous articles i already review about some wags of football players who have a beautiful face and also a very sexy body, this time ane will review wags from the coach of famous clubs. Do not get me wrong gang !! Wags of the coaches is also not less beautiful, sexy and also smart. of course gang we review who they are?

1. Elisabetta Muscarella

The woman who is now more graceful at the 46 years this became a key success of a Antonio Conte. Their love affair went very smoothly, Elisabetta Muscarella and Antonio Conte decided to get married in 2013 ago. The Blues coach looks very fond of his wife, he said that the beautiful woman who has given her a daughter is a woman who is very understanding and also great.

Elisabetta Muscarella

As we know karer as a coach can not be underestimated, he successfully delivered Siena to the A series of Italy in the 2011-2012 season, he is also able to restore the success of the old Lady, and currently he managed to bring Chelsea to occupy the highest position in the Premier League .

2. Veronique fernandez

Profession as a dancer and also a model to make the legendary French football player Zinedine Zidane was attracted by his charm. Veronique fernandez is a woman who has a beautiful face and also a sexy body, she not only has a role as a wife, but she is also an advisor to her husband who is now a successful coach.

Veronique fernandez

3. Cristina Serra

Pretty sexy and also Smart is the word that is able to describe the wife of charismatic coach Pep Guardiola. This veteran coach does not like to spit his private life public. Will tatapi some curious media challenged life of the coach’s romance could immortalize photos together with his beautiful wife. The wife of Cristina Serra is a woman who is very famous in the Fashion world, in addition he also has several boutiques.

thats 3 The Sexiest and Most Beautiful Couple of Beloved Football Coaches i can share with you guys. thanks

Update, Special Hot Wags from Juventus’s Players

Update, Special Hot Wags from Juventus’s Players – Juventus has become an indispensable club to win the league rie A for six consecutive seasons and has listed his name 2 times in the final of European champions league for 6 seasons. Now in his new season the old lady is also targeting champions league titles to be taken to turin. But there is someone behind the juventus players who are always ready to support the couples or lovers commonly referred to as WAGS. Here are some of the wags of juventus:

1. Roberta sinopoli is the wife of juventus attacking midfielder Claudio marchisio. This beautiful lady is the daughter of a former player ac torino of the past is Roberto sinopoli. Indeed Roberta is the son of the father who as a football player in his past, but Roberta was in the small days do not follow the footsteps of the father who played football. Roberta prefers to be a tennis player. But it happened until he was a teenager and in adulthood Roberta did not continue the tennis.

2. Carolina bonistalli is the wife of the tough defender juventus Giorgio ciellini. Carolina and ciellini have long been in a relationship and have had a son who is currently entering the juviorus junior football academy, but ciellini and Carolina inaugurated their ties to husband and wife in mid-2014.

Carolina bonistalli

3. Ilaria d amico is the lover of goalkeeper juventus gianluigi buffon legend. Ilaria d amico is a famous presenter on a television in Italy. It has a buffon relationship since 2014 and has had a baby from gianluigi buffon named leopoldo mattia. Before having romance with ilaria, buffon has a wife who has given one child to him named alena eredova origin rep. czech but both eventually divorced in 2013 then.

Ilaria d amico

4. Ivana mikulic is the wife of the juventus mainstay striker from Croatia Mario mandzukic. Ivana mukilic is rarely the news heard public because it is Mario mandzukic and ivana rarely indulgence kemesraan both in public. But the mandzukic family is still very harmonious and has been blessed with a boy who is visible from several posts showing a photo of a small mandzukic.

Beautiful and sexy Wags from the senior Thailand national team player

Beautiful and sexy Wags from the senior Thailand national team player – The greatness of the Thai national team has been tested in the aff cup 2016 ago. Where Thailand is able to beat Indonesia 2-0 national team in the final match held in the rajamanggala national stage. The greatness of Thai players is also seen from their loved ones. Here are the pair of Thai national team players:

1. Pannita Khandee

He is the wife of Thailand national team player Pravinwat Boonyong a formidable defender Thailand national team. SHe is a sexy wife figure for pravinwat. Where pannita khandee often show photos sexy photos on his personal instagram and also facebook that often wear only bikini or swimwear

Pannita Khandee

SHe always supports the husband’s profession as a footballer and hopes his career will continue to rise. Pannita khandee often dugem with friends at a club in Thailand.

2. Lukchub Rujirada

SHe is the lover of Thailand’s third goal keeper Chanin Sae-ear. he works as a model in Thailand. Lukchub rujirada also often show off beautiful photos on facebook and instagram. Lukchub rujirada also always looks stylist with clothes that he wear on instagramnya photos.

Lukchub Rujirada Beautiful and sexy Wags

3. Phitchanat Sakhakon

SHe is the lover of the up-and-coming Thai league playmaker and is usually referred to as his Thai messy lionel chanatip songkrasin. Although small but chanatip is a lively player. His agility was not only in football, chanatip is also agile in looking for a partner. Now he has a lover named Phitchanat Sakhakon.

Phitchanat Sakhakon

SHe is a film actress in tahiland. Phitchanat Sakhakon in addition to being an actress he is also known sebgai photo model. Many of his sexy photos he showed on instagramnya. SHe is also a young entrepreneur in the culinary field and owns a restaurant called red sun in Bangkok.

4. Chatrakamol Muangman

SHe is the wife of left-back Thai national team Theerathon Bunmathan. They married in May 2016 last year and have had a baby of their relationship. Chatrakamol Muangman often supports the appearance of her husband when playing for the Thailand national team.

Chatrakamol Muangman Wags from the senior Thailand

Especially if the Thailand team play in Bangkok then he will always be present to see her husband play.

Look Hot and sexy, The Most Beautiful Beloved Player of the Vietnam National Team

Look Hot and sexy, The Most Beautiful Beloved Player of the Vietnam National Team – Vietnam national football team affiliate trophy in 2016 did show football game that interesting and entertaining, but they must be foundered in the semifinals after losing to the Indonesian national team and bury their hopes to win troph aff 2016.

But something that can entertain them after being defeated by the Indonesian national team is the lover of the national team players Vietnam or can be called the Vietnamese wags. Here are some names of Vietnamese national team players with beautiful wags:

1. Thuy Tien wags Sexy captain of Vietnam national team Le Cong Vinh. Who does not know the sharpness of this Vietnam senior striker. He is the top scorer of all time Vietnam national team.

Thuy Tien thailand

He was married last 2014 with his wife named thuy tien. Thuy tien is an artist in Vietnam. Both are very suitable because one is a top player of Vietnam and his wife is a top Vietnamese artist.

2. Thanh Huyen Wife Pham Thanh Luong. Pham thanh luong is a very strong Vietnamese midfielder in his position. He started his career in Vietnam’s senior national team since 2010. He has a beautiful wife named thanh huyen. Than huyen has a profession as a model in Vietnam. Her face is always a cover in fashion magazines in Vietnam.

Thanh Huyen

3. Thu Trang Lover Mac Hong Quan. Mac Hong Quan is not as experienced as lee cong vinh in the national team, he is always a warmer of the bench Vietnamese national team in aff trop trophy 2016 ago. But he has a beautiful lover named thu trang. A student at one of the top universities in Hanoi. Both often display their intimate photos on their instagram account.

Thu Trang

4. Bao Tran Boyfriend Voiced Girl Voiced Toan. He plays as a senior national midfielder Vietnam, every time he played Vietnam midfield always superior in the ball control. But behind the straight game many people are jealous of Vo Huy Toan.

Bao Tran

Many people are jealous because the player has a very beautiful lover named bao tran. He is not an artist but his beauty is equivalent to an artist in Vietnam.