No Sharps Again, What’s With Cristiano Ronaldo?

No Sharps Again, What’s With Cristiano Ronaldo? Cristiano Ronaldo or CR7 may be out of luck in the 2017/2018 season this time. In the Spanish league he has not yet scored a goal for his Real Madrid club. The new Ronaldo created 4 goals in two European champions league matches. see more at negative habbit in CR7

Indeed previously he was sentenced to 3 times the ban on playing Real Madrid defend in la Liga spain. Now la league has entered the 7th week, but the Real Madrid mainstay player is still not able to also score goals. And it looks like Cristiano Ronaldo is going through his golden days now. This year could be CR7 will not be as sharp as it used to be and experienced a setback in instingnya score goals.

Since defending Real Madrid in 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo never missed a few games in la liga to score. In fact he is always ahead and compete with Barcelona lionel messi striker. In real Madrid itself CR7 is the all time club topskor from the capital of Spain. In 3 games la Liga Ronaldo is always featured as a starter by the coach zinedine zidane.

But the player only created 1 assists to isco during the last match against espanyol at satiago barnebeu last weekend. CR7 appearance is not too bad and always consistently threaten the opponent’s defense. It’s just that every time he fired a shot and a header into the opposing goal, always able to be muted by the goalkeeper. Until the opportunities he has created fail to be goals. On the other hand bait or assists from other players Real Madrid is also less pampering CR7.

Until finally CR7 seeks itself to find opportunities to score goals. But no doubt if the opportunities created CR7 finally able to be converted into goals by other players. And sometimes Ronaldo is also unselfish and gives his assists to other players who are more open to score goals. Plus the teammate who often gave him assists that marcelo is also injured. Not sure until when CR7 will fast the goal in la league.

The Sexiest Female Referee in the World 2017 To The Present

The Sexiest Female Referee in the World 2017 To The Present – The referee is indeed appointed as the most crucial courtier in a match. Especially in a football game, a referee is the main spotlight in the midst of the tough matches played by two competing teams. In general a referee in a world soccer league is a man.

But what if the referee is a woman who leads men’s soccer match. Of course not only will be the main spotlight, will instead make the players become a focus. In the world soccer league there was a country where the main referee was a woman. The list is as follows:

1. Claudia romani (italy)

This beautiful referee is currently 34 years old. Although his age is above the head 3 but the referee is so beautiful and beautiful. Because he used to be a model before undergoing his profession as a professional referee. Claudia Romani is very famous in Italy, she is a big fan of AC Milan club. He also dated the former AC Milan striker Filippo inzaghi. It also has a lot of instagram followers, over 100k. her picture at top this page.

2. Elena tambini (italia)

Elena also increasingly famous name in football referee in Italy. He is 26 years old now. Having a body level and sexy body turned out now he chose to become a professional referee in Italy. Elena was once also a model photographer in Italy. Many of her sexy photographs are emblazoned in some fashion magazines in Italy. Now he is promoted as a referee of Italian league serie A.

Elena tambini (italia)

Previously he only led the game in the bottom division. With the elena leading the game FIGC expects that the audience’s interest to the stadium so much more. And this is considered a new breakthrough in the world of football in Italy.

3. Fernanda Colombo Uliana (Brazil)

This blonde-haired referee is an assistant referee (line judge). Although he was a line judge but because he often appeared in male football he is now so famous and hunted by the media. Currently he is 27 years old. Because of his beauty despite being an assistant referee he finally get a photo shoot from a photographer brasil.

Fernanda Colombo Uliana (Brazil)

Opportunity Being Top of AFF U18 Cup Score Open To Indonesian Players

Opportunity Being Top of AFF U18 Cup Score Open To Indonesian Players – Players mainstay u18 indonesian team egy maulana vikri has shown his ability in the event of trophies aff u18 2017 held in Myanmar 4-17 september 2017. He is increasingly known by all the people of Indonesia. During the grub stage of the grub B his performance was so impressive that egy maulana vikri could create 6 goals from the 4 matches he had played in the preliminary round.

The first 2 goals of egy were presented at the time of the U18 national team to defeat the hosts of Myanmar with a score of 2 – 1. Before egy created 2 goals against Myanmar, Indonesia first left 0 – 1 by the hosts in the first round. 2 more goals when Indonesia beat the Philippines u18 team with a goal party of 9 to 0. And 2 more goals while slaughtering brunei 8 – 0 yesterday. With a 6-goal incision indeed makes the name of egy entered in the list of top scorers while AFF trophy u18, lost by a goal by Myanmar striker who has created 7 goals.

But there are still 2 more matches that could add the purse pot of goals from egy maulana vikri. Because dibabak semifinal national team will face Thailand and if win will to the final. But if lost then the national team will fight third place with another semi-finalist who also lost. Egy maulana vikri also asked for prayer from all Indonesian people to pray for the national team to be champion through his personal instagram account. He knows if without prayer from all supporters egy et al. National team, will not be able to go so far.

Egy maulana Vikri deserved an award in Toulon french cup a few months ago. He is now the life of the 18 national team games Indonesia is struggling to become the champion trophy aff u 18. If his performance continues consistent, then 2 years old senior national team will have the next generation who continue what evan dimas Cs., Several years ago .

Egi Maulana Vikri, New Talented Young Player from Indonesia in 2017

Egi Maulana Vikri, New Talented Young Player from Indonesia in 2017 – The stunning performance of egy maulana vikri at the Toulon tournament in France a few months ago did attract some clubs in league 1 gojek traveloka. The player from the city of Medan has seen his star aura since he was 11 years old and finally to improve his football career egy maulana vikri finally joined ASIOP apacinti in Jakarta. He then went to education in a special sports school in ragunan Jakarta.

In ASIOP Apacinti egy maulana vikri is transformed into a talented soccer player and his skill and drible are similar to the Barcelona player’s style of play, therefore he is now nicknamed egi messi. Together ASIOP apacinti egy also won a gothia cup in Sweden to represent Indonesia U-15 in 2015.

Since then the coach of national team u 18 indra sjafri also provide opportunity for national team selection and finally finally pass the egy and become a national team player 18. Kegemilangannya with the national team finally glimpsed by BALI united who are very interested to use the service lionel messi Indonesia. Explained the father if in early 2017, egy maulana vikri ever given a contract offer with bali united represented peter tanuri to play with bali united with a salary of 100 million per year for the next 5 years. Which if the total value of the contract egi that time reached 500 million rupiah for 5 seasons. The price is quite expensive for players who are 16 years old and do not yet have professional flying hours with top league club Indonesia.

But the contract was rejected by the father of egi, subagja. He stated if it is not the time to play professionally because hey age does not meet the age of professional players. Because now subagja hope his son further develop his potential for skill if the ball increases. Now he has to fight alongside the 18th tank in the affluent youth championship in Myanmar. While this egy become topskor national team u18 Indonesia with 6 goals. now you know about Egi Maulana Vikri, New Talented Young Player from Indonesia in 2017. please share that

Proven That Nathalie Hayashi is the Sexiest Virgin Footballer Footballer today

Proven That Nathalie Hayashi is the Sexiest Virgin Footballer Footballer today – has a lover soccer player football national team hartman made the name nathalie hayashi increasingly famous in southeast asia. Moreover, he has a profession as a model of adult men’s magazines. Beautiful women have blood descendants of the philippines and this japan does have a fantastic body. So many adam takayal very amazed with the sexy body. Nathalie hayashi is currently 28 years old. With a height of 165 cm tall and weighing 53 kg. And the bra size is 34C.

With a fantastic body shape is nathalie hayashi suitable profession as a magazine model of adult men and he really liked his job as a photo model. Not infrequently also nathalie hayashi also occasionally accept job to do photo without clothes alias topless. This he did for his professionalism as a model. And also the boyfriend mark hartman is also very supportive of his profession.

Nathalie hayashi also explains some tips how he is in keeping the beautiful body sexiness is. He claimed to often exercise with sangkekasih in the gym. And he always routinely do sports every day. Natalie also controls the amount of calories and carbohydrates she will consume each day. He also admitted if the rice can not get out of it every day. Since rice is a typical high-carbohydrate south-east Asian diet, it reduces the portion of each meal and replaces it with fruits and vegetables.

Natalie has also done photography work in Jakarta some time ago. He became a model of advertising a male contraceptive ad that is a silk condom. He was very happy during the process of shooting in Indonesia. And nathalie also stated if he feel at home in Indonesia. Natalie also hopes that her lover mark hartman can play ball in indoneisa league so nathalie can continue to settle in Indonesia.

Indonesian society is very friendly according to him. He hopes to be a career in Indonesia. Although it will be very difficult indeed, but his name and a picture of himself who is known to many people certainly able to skyrocket his name in entertainment Indonesia.

3 The Sexiest and Most Beautiful Couple of Beloved Football Coaches

3 The Sexiest and Most Beautiful Couple of Beloved Football Coaches – Hi surfers of the virtual world, if in the previous articles i already review about some wags of football players who have a beautiful face and also a very sexy body, this time ane will review wags from the coach of famous clubs. Do not get me wrong gang !! Wags of the coaches is also not less beautiful, sexy and also smart. of course gang we review who they are?

1. Elisabetta Muscarella

The woman who is now more graceful at the 46 years this became a key success of a Antonio Conte. Their love affair went very smoothly, Elisabetta Muscarella and Antonio Conte decided to get married in 2013 ago. The Blues coach looks very fond of his wife, he said that the beautiful woman who has given her a daughter is a woman who is very understanding and also great.

Elisabetta Muscarella

As we know karer as a coach can not be underestimated, he successfully delivered Siena to the A series of Italy in the 2011-2012 season, he is also able to restore the success of the old Lady, and currently he managed to bring Chelsea to occupy the highest position in the Premier League .

2. Veronique fernandez

Profession as a dancer and also a model to make the legendary French football player Zinedine Zidane was attracted by his charm. Veronique fernandez is a woman who has a beautiful face and also a sexy body, she not only has a role as a wife, but she is also an advisor to her husband who is now a successful coach.

Veronique fernandez

3. Cristina Serra

Pretty sexy and also Smart is the word that is able to describe the wife of charismatic coach Pep Guardiola. This veteran coach does not like to spit his private life public. Will tatapi some curious media challenged life of the coach’s romance could immortalize photos together with his beautiful wife. The wife of Cristina Serra is a woman who is very famous in the Fashion world, in addition he also has several boutiques.

thats 3 The Sexiest and Most Beautiful Couple of Beloved Football Coaches i can share with you guys. thanks

The Thin-Squared squad qualify for the 2018 World Cup Russia

The Thin-Squared squad qualify for the 2018 World Cup Russia – World Cup 2018 qualifiers in all continents have now entered the final game in each group. Some countries are also there who almost escaped and also has certainly failed to Russia world cup 2018 next year.

As in Asia has completed its qualifications in this week and has sent 4 representatives to the 2018 world cup ie japan, iran, south korea and arab Arabia. Last season’s finalists in Australia who are now qualifying for the AFC zone are in danger of failing to appear in the World Cup. In the final grup a position Australia is ranked third qualifying group B asia which makes it must compete with the rank of three groups AAA is Syria. The winners of the match will play off with 4 concacaf zone boards for a ticket to the 2018 World Cup.

In the europe zone there is a team of dutch wind turbines that seem to have no chance to appear in the world cup next year. They are now still in position 3 group kalsemen. If the Dutch want to look forward to the world cup, then the Netherlands must be in position 2 of the group standings to enter the plya zone off with other european teams to fight for the remaining 5 tickets remaining. But it seems also will be difficult for the Dutch to achieve it. Then there is the tango team argentina who also stumbled seok in qualifying zone conmebol.

Argentina are in position 5 standings. But argentina can breathe a sigh of relief, although in the final standings they remain in fifth position, then argentina will undergo a play-off by competing against the oceania zone champion is a new zealand on paper will be easily passed by argentina.

In Africa there is a trophy trophy champion Cameroon who also threatened to fail to appear in this world cup. One group with Nigeria they can not perform nicely and are now in position 3 of the group standings. In this African zone, each group winner will qualify for the World Cup from 5 groups. In the group occupied by Cameroon the temporary group winner is Nigeria, it will be very difficult for Cameroon to beat Nigeria in this 2018 World Cup qualifier this time.

Hot News, Rooney and Coolen House Roosest Gossip Already at the end of the Horn

Hot News, Rooney and Coolen House Roosest Gossip Already at the end of the Horn – Everton household silhouette of Wayne Rooney is at the end of the horn. Indeed the family of soccer mega stars are often shaken tempests, but it seems this last incident this time makes things worse. Rooney is known to drive a car intoxicated with a woman named Laura Simpson. Because it makes the athlete have to deal with the police.

The incident began when Wayne Rooney was spending a long night with a sexy woman in a bar called Bubble room, after a conversation they both went on a car in a drunken state. Although it was decided that if the England player is declared free on condition that there is a guarantee, Rooney must still meet the subpoena on the 31st of September to explain the chronology of the incident and explain the reason why he was driving drunk. From the party Laura Simpson said that in the time before the arrest he planned to have sex with the star player.

Due to the accident the Rooney and Coleen households were rumored to be at the end of the horn, at the time of the incident occurred Coleen who was carrying his fourth child was on holiday with his three children to Mallorca, Spain. Hearing the news to make the wife of the top scorer for England is mixed, between shocked, angry and also feel ashamed of his husband’s behavior.

From a photo of Coleen paparazzi it looks like they do not wear their wedding rings, although Coolen has not given an official statement regarding the problem that hit her husband. But Colen said that he felt very angry and upset after he found out the amount of money a fine must be incurred due to a scandal that her husband did. Coleen is a kind woman who always memafkan every mistake made by her husband, noted former player of the mainstay of the red devil has been caught several times in the middle of making out with some women affair.

Many are predicting that the footballer’s household will run aground because of the incident.