Reason Why Fred’s Decree Choosing MU

Reason Why Fred’s Decree Choosing MU – Brazilian midfielder, Fred this summer has joined Manchester United. Besides that he also talked about why he chose the Red Devils.
He also revealed that before accepting Manchester United’s offer, he had before been offered by Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain.

The Brazilian national team player has chosen the Red Devils rather than the other two big teams. Because Fred chose Manchester United, this made Jose Mourinho’s first recruit before heading for the new season.

Manchester United have been swept away by a transfer with former Shakhtar Donestk player in July. Fred also had his first match with the Reds Devils while undergoing a match against Leicester City, in that match Manchester United won with a score of 2-1.

Reason Why Fred's Decree Choosing MU

The player has explained why he chose Machester United, when there was an offer that allowed him to continue playing in Europe. "Because the choices are in England and Europe," said Fred, who was published by ESPN.

"The Citizen, Paris Saint Germain, but I prefer the Red Devils. I have also spoken with many people like my agent, my friend, my family. I chose United because this team was able to make my abilities stand out more. "That’s what he said.

When he saw the offer submitted by Manchester United, he immediately agreed because he thought that the Red Devils were the team he dreamed of in the future. In addition, he also wants to get strong pressure when facing the weight of the English league, which is where all teams have the chance to become champions at the end of the season.

"When I see their eyes, I say firmly that I choose Manchester United for my future. Therefore I am sure this is the right choice. When I say that everyone is likely to think the same as me, this choice is a decision I have made and I will not regret it. "That’s what Fred said.

Must Win For Indonesian Garuda Young Team

Must Win For Indonesian Garuda Young Team – Indonesian National Team The U-23 this time will prepare before they play the last match with Hong Kong, this match will end the Group A phase of the football branch in the 2018 Asian Games. According to the latest news the match will be title on August 20 2018 at the Candrabhaga Patriot Stadium.

It looks like the coach from the U-23 Indonesia National Team, Luis Milla will demonstrate the scheme like when facing the Chinese Taiping on August 12, 2018. And this is likely the Luis Milla team is more effective in attacking this game

Must Win For Indonesian Garuda Young Team

This time the Indonesian National Team U-23 did the exercises at ABC, Senayan, Jakarta on August 19, 2018. And in this exercise Luis Milla prioritized the Small Side Game, for all foster children.
Like the purpose of the exercise is a simulation for the game later, and also it looks like Luis Milaa has made the best player composition for the event against Hong Kong. This was done before the Indonesian U-23 national team against Chinese Taipei, and it proved to be able to bring the Chinese representative team to a score of 4-0.

The Milky Way has acknowledged the greatness of the Garuda Young Team in preparing things well before the game starts, and this time according to him the preparation of the U-23 Indonesian National Team in the match was quite good. But he hopes Luis Milla’s team can get full points in this match. Because, the Indonesian National Team U-23 must not depend on the 3rd best position.

"In the match this time it will be the same when fighting Chinese Taipai. Action is an important battle for us, because if we win we will win the group. Besides that, I always pray that the Indonesian U-23 national team can qualify for the next phase. "That’s what the Milky Way said.

The Indonesia U-23 national team is tightly tied to Hong Kong with a one-point difference, and Garuda Muda is ranked third while its opponents are second in Group A at the moment. Because of this the Indonesian U-23 national team must win this fight.

this is the cause of the Thailand U-23 national team failure

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this is the cause of the Thailand U-23 national team failure They are in Group B. This is their worst record in the past 20 years. In the five times the Asian Games were held in 1998 to 2014, Thailand always managed to move from the group phase.

During the 1998 Asian Games, 2002 and 2014, Thailand had succeeded in occupying the 4th position. Whereas in 2006 and 2010, they made it to the quarter-finals. Due to the failure of the Thailand U-23 national team to go to the next phase, there are now many blasphemies and criticisms shown to the team, coaches, and also the Thai Football Association (FAT).

Despite failing to bring the Thailand U-23 national team to the next phase, Worrawoot Srimika will continue to be trusted as head coach. Because FAT says that one failure does not mean we have to fire him, because of the possibility that in the waiting period he will bring his foster children to a stage farther from now, if that happens whether you will insult him and tell him to come out.

cause of the Thailand U-23 national team failure

"FAT will not listen to all the chattering that insults us. Besides, we can’t always replace a coach, if he fails to meet the demands we provide. Because we believe in him, and we will provide an opportunity to correct his failure.

"That is what Somyot Poompunmuang said as FAT President. "There is no such thing as players or coaches who want their team to lose, because they must do their best for the team. However, if there are those who want the Thailand U-23 national team to lose, surely it has a motive that we cannot know. In addition, we will make a decision based on the logic that exists, and we also ask the supporters to think logically too. "That was what he said.

The Thailand U-23 national team in this tournament was only able to get 2 points in the group phase, at the 2018 Asian Games. And Thai representatives only played a draw against Qatar and Bangladesh, while when they engaged in Uzbekistan they had to lose.

Match Prediction Rayo Vallecano Vs Sevilla Today August 20, 2018

Match Prediction Rayo Vallecano Vs Sevilla Today August 20, 2018 – On 20-08-18 La Liga will present an interesting match, between Vallecano and Sevilla which will be held at Estadio del Rayo Vallecano. This match is very important for both teams, so that they can keep the teaser to advance to the title.

While the coaching side, from both camps between Paco Jemez and Pablo Machi. They are coaches who play a role in both teams. Vallecano was a promotion team from the Segunda Division, which last season got the 1st place with 21 wins from 42 matches. not only that, they are a productive team in scoring goals with 67 goals and conceding only 48 goals. With that acquisition they get 76 points in one season.

Match Prediction Rayo Vallecano Vs Sevilla Today August 20, 2018

While from Sevilla, they were ranked 7th last season by winning 17 games from 38 available matches. With such gains, they won 58 points in one season. With incisions like this, chances are the home team will be afraid when facing Sevilla. Why is the guest team highly ranked, because it is seen from the composition of Sevilla players are stronger than Vallecano. There are some pretty flashy names in the Sevilla squad, namely Sergio Rico, Kjaer, Pareja, Vidal, Banega, N’Zonzi, to Ben Yedder. They are enough players to bombard the defense of Rayo Vallecano.

Head to head:

  • 02/21/16 Rayo Vallecano 2 – 2 Sevilla (DIP)
  • 09/27/15 Sevilla 3 – 2 Rayo Vallecano (DIP)
  • 07/2/14 Rayo Vallecano 0 1 Sevilla (DIP)
  • 02/23/14 Rayo Vallecano 0 – 1 Sevilla (DIP)
  • 09/26/13 Sevilla 4 – 1 Rayo Vallecano (DIP)

Sevilla’s last game:

  • 18/07/18 Real Murcia 0 -2 Sevilla (CLF)
  • 07/21/18 Sevilla 0-1 Benfica (CLF
  • 27/07/18 Sevilla 4 – 0 Ujpest (LIE)

Rayo Vallecano’s last match:

  • 5/28/18 Rayo Vallecano 1 – 0 Lugo (SED)
  • 03/06/18 Gimnastic de Tarragona 2 – 0 Rayo Vallecano (SED)
  • 02/08/18 Real Madrid II 0-3 Rayo Vallecano (CLF)

In view of the results above, it is likely that this time the match will win Sevilla over the host Vallecano with a narrow score of 0-1.

Wags Loyal Supporters Belgium Despite Already Considered Former By Fellaini

Wags Loyal Supporters Belgium Despite Already Considered Former By Fellaini – P-Magazine last year had issued a calendar with hot photos from former fellaini, Gaelle Garcia Diaz. This young woman’s appearance invited a lot of comments from netizens because it was regarded as an outlet because it broke up with the manchester united midfielder.

The two ex-spouses do look very strange, but in the 2018 world cup the fellaini has forgotten his past and should focus on the game against brasil who is already in front of his eyes.

Wags Loyal Supporters Belgium Despite Already Considered Former By Fellaini

Gaelle Garcia Diaz’s sexiness is admittedly very sexy person but he rarely mengumbar sexy photos in public. His indifferent attitude made him difficult to approach journalists. Some time ago also reported cheating from the fellaini but he often cover it up to proof to tell the truth that women of Spanish descent are having an affair with Bossaerts.

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In this 2018 world cup he was awaited by the supporters belgia to be wags to rival the sexy wags of Brazil. It is true that the 27-year-old woman becomes the most beautiful possession of belgium today. In addition to football matches, it seems that the competition between the wags is also growing beyond the green field.

Gaelle Garcia Diaz

We’ll see whether with the arrival of Gaelle, able to make the heart fellaini fall again or even there is a new controversy. Because Gaelle often wear a mini dress with a challenging pose. In a few sites ago, he liked to be a hot photo model whether it is poker or companies that provide services to adult males for hot poses.

Brazil Supported Larissa Pereira and other Sexy Wags at the 2018 World Cup

Brazil Supported Larissa Pereira and other Sexy Wags at the 2018 World Cup – Brazil qualify for the last 8 World Cup 2018 not only vberkat prayer fans, but loyal lover of players who provide internal moral support can provide a boost of spirit for players on the green field. This is what firminho feels. Players who join in this liverpool always accompanied by larissa pereira either when playing with the red or currently when uniformed samba team.

Larissa Pereira is a 26-year-old woman who has been famous as a sexy wags and look attractive in social media. Women who are always active bverolahraga is fond of posting kefiatannya in instagram so many followersnya until now.

The gym is where this firmino’s wife is subscribed, he is very fond of anaerobic exercises like running and walking lightly in the gym.

Larissa Pereira also often do holidays with her husband before facing big games. This is believed to make the firmino back fit and fresh so ready to face the big game. Currently Brazil is preparing for the belgium which is currently in the round of 16 major dramatic opponents japan.

Calm thoughts are expected Larissa Pereira able to make the perfect firmino in every game that dilakoni bandar sbobet terpercaya. Beaches and cruises are the 2 things they often do when on vacation. This scene certainly makes the firmino fans increasingly want to follow the news off the field because of his compactness with his wife.

Supporters of brasil are not just the firmino’s wives, many of you must know that brasilian girls have beautiful faces and beautiful bodies. This certainly can be a separate eye for the ball supporters, especially who idolized the team from neymar et al.

The Prettiest and Sexiest Wags in Sweden at World Cup 2018

The Prettiest and Sexiest Wags in Sweden at World Cup 2018 – Sweden is the umpteenth country that has qualified for the last 16 of the 2018 World Cup in Russia without waiting for the final game. Squad with yellow flagship costume is able to defeat its competitors in the group stage although somewhat stumbling – seok when in a match. Victory is not separated from the role of wilhelmsson and lustig.

The Prettiest and Sexiest Wags in Sweden at World Cup 2018

Wilhelmsson is a very talented player. So great he got to a beautiful sexy woman named oxana anderson. This woman is often seen in the stands of the audience defending swiss even though she was not born in siwss. Hot and sexy girl is adult in swiss because her parents moved to the brown country. Aside from being a model judi piala dunia 2018, the woman with the girl also fills the show and dancers in one of the swedish hotels.

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Lustig is also a swiss punggawa who can not be separated from his beautiful lover, josefin. Josefin is seen always giving support to the lustig either through the audience bench or on twitternya. Moral support is certainly very helpful when a player is facing a big team like Germany in the world cup 2018 ago.

The Prettiest and Sexiest Wags in Sweden at World Cup 2018

Both of these wags provide very positive support and must also be imitated when morale requires players who experience mental stress when they want to face a stronger team. Josefin and oxana are two examples of sexy women who still spend time for their lovers and their country.

If you are curious about the two beautiful scenes, continue to watch the 2018 world cup broadcast on television and support swedia because certainly these two hot and sexy women are in the audience and a few moments will be shot by the cameraman.

No Sharps Again, What’s With Cristiano Ronaldo?

No Sharps Again, What’s With Cristiano Ronaldo? Cristiano Ronaldo or CR7 may be out of luck in the 2017/2018 season this time. In the Spanish league he has not yet scored a goal for his Real Madrid club. The new Ronaldo created 4 goals in two European champions league matches. see more at negative habbit in CR7

Indeed previously he was sentenced to 3 times the ban on playing Real Madrid defend in la Liga spain. Now la league has entered the 7th week, but the Real Madrid mainstay player is still not able to also score goals. And it looks like Cristiano Ronaldo is going through his golden days now. This year could be CR7 will not be as sharp as it used to be and experienced a setback in instingnya score goals.

Since defending Real Madrid in 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo never missed a few games in la liga to score. In fact he is always ahead and compete with Barcelona lionel messi striker. In real Madrid itself CR7 is the all time club topskor from the capital of Spain. In 3 games la Liga Ronaldo is always featured as a starter by the coach zinedine zidane.

But the player only created 1 assists to isco during the last match against espanyol at satiago barnebeu last weekend. CR7 appearance is not too bad and always consistently threaten the opponent’s defense. It’s just that every time he fired a shot and a header into the opposing goal, always able to be muted by the goalkeeper. Until the opportunities he has created fail to be goals. On the other hand bait or assists from other players Real Madrid is also less pampering CR7.

Until finally CR7 seeks itself to find opportunities to score goals. But no doubt if the opportunities created CR7 finally able to be converted into goals by other players. And sometimes Ronaldo is also unselfish and gives his assists to other players who are more open to score goals. Plus the teammate who often gave him assists that marcelo is also injured. Not sure until when CR7 will fast the goal in la league.